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Products / Brands

Some of the 7000 line items we typically stock at Avon Engineering Supplies Limited

  • Abrasives
    Sait, S & G Abrasives, sheets paper & cloth,discs, Velcro cutting & grinding.
  • Air Tools
    Ampro, Desoutter, Far Air Riveters, Ingersoll-Rand.
  • Clamps
    Bessey, Nu-Weld, Record, Scangrip, Gripex, Strong Hand.
  • Chisels
    Dastra Wood Carving, Mayhew cold chisels.
  • Deburrers & Countersinks
    Noga, Vargus, Weldon, Sutton, Bordo.
  • Cutting Tools
    Carbide Burrs, Cutter Knives, Countersinks, Die-nuts/button, Drills Endmills, FC-3 Cutter, Slot Drills, Hacksaw Blades, Holesaws, Reamers, Taps.
  • Measuring Equipment
    Komelon, Lufkin, Mitutoyo, Moore & Wright, PEC, Starrett, Toledo, Vertex, Empire, Stahlwille.
  • Pipe Wrenches & Tools
    Record, Wilde, Pipe Cutters.
  • Pliers
    Teng, Channellock, HPWill, Teng, Wilde, Klein, Knipex, Robo-Grip, Vice Grip.
  • Power Tools
    Makita, Metabo.
  • Chemicals
    Ados, Bostik, Chalk, CRC, Blaster, Autosol, Hylomar, Hand Cleaner, Chemz, Marking Blue, Paint, Rocol, WD40, Loctite, Simple Green, Soldering Flux.
  • Diamond Tools
    Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Files. Diamond Burrs.
  • Files
    Body, Hand, Riffler, Rotary.
  • Gauges
    Feeler Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Wire Gauges. Screwpitch.
  • Thread Inserts
    Recoil, Tapper, Helicoil
  • Hammers
    Air Hammers, Ball Pein, Cross Pein, Mauls, Panel Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Sliding Hammers, Soft Face Hammers.
  • Holesaws
    Blumol, Klein, Hall, Roto-Broach, Sutton, Unibit, Bordo.
  • Hoses
    Air Line Hose Hose Clips - Norma, Tridon.
  • Pry Bars
    Mayhew, Mumme
  • Punches
    Chassis, Letter & Number Punches, Pin Punch, Starter Punches, Wad Punches. Centre Punches, Hollow Punches
  • Riveters
    Air, Hand.
  • Safety Equipment
    Ear Muffs, Gloves, Glasses, Welding Helmets and Gloves
  • Screwdrivers
    Koken, Felo, Stanley
  • Screwdriver Bits
    We have a huge range of both common and unusual screwdriver bits, also of those fitting power and air drills.
  • Spanners
    Teng, Ampro, Stahlwille.
  • Spray Guns
    Ampro, Alltrade, Star, Wellmade
  • Jacks
    Bottle Jacks, Floor Jacks, Portapowers.
  • Koken¬†Socketry
    1/4", Drive, 3/8", 1/2", Drive, 3/4", Drive, 1", Drive, 1+1/2", Drive. Sets & Loose, Hand & Impact
  • Socket Accessories
    Huge Range of Accessories.
  • Lubrication
    Grease Guns, Grease Couplers, Grease Points, Grease Nipples, Flexible Hoses, Oil Cans. Drum Pumps, Grease Cartridges, WD40, CRC, Pennzoil.
  • Tool Boxes
    Teng, Safa, Powerbilt.
  • Torches
    LED, Spot, Flood.
  • Vices
    Groz, Record: Mechanics, Engineers, Drill, Machine Vices
  • Wire Strippers
    HP Will, Ideal, Klein, Spear & Jackson, Knipex